Community of like-minded individuals!

InnoX provides a vibrant ecosystem where entrepreneurs, industry experts, and mentors converge. Build meaningful connections that foster collaboration and open doors to new opportunities.


Developers. Designers. Entrepreneurs. Business people. Everyone is here!

The start point of your journey!

Whether you're an entrepreneur with a groundbreaking idea, an institution looking to foster innovation, or an individual passionate about making a difference, InnoX is the place where your journey begins.
Co-Work Space

InnoX locates in the best place of Skopje and serves the best equipments to their members.

Ecosystem Events

Meetups, happy hours, private and public ecosystem events; physical, hybrid and online.

Acceleration Programs

Incubation and acceleration programs, hackathon, ideathons and bootcamps...

High Quality Network

Individuals who can learn and teach to each other, for become better self!


Make a virtual tour at InnoX!

You can discover our innovation center with the 360 degree camera technology. Just click the play button and make the virtual tour at InnoX!